Polymer Technology for Municipal Water and Sewage Treatment
Company Overview
SNF/Polydyne is a wholly owned subsidiary of SNF SA, the world’s largest producer of acrylamide monomer and polymers. SNF/Polydyne is solely responsible for the direct marketing of these products to the United States Municipal market.

SNF/Polydyne is the market leader in supplying functional polymers, and other chemistries, to assist Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment plants improve their operating cost-efficiencies in critical liquid-solid separation processes.

No other polymer supplier in the industry offers the same comprehensive range of unique capabilities and resources that SNF/Polydyne provides to meet the most demanding requirements of even the largest municipal water and sewage treatment plants.

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Added-Value Product Line

SNF/Polydyne offers you the most complete selection of polymer products available from any source. You can choose from hundreds of different ClariFloc® products, including a full line that is NSF-certified and approved for Potable water treatment.

Our product line encompasses the wide range of polymer chemistries proven effective in enhancing the performance of every major municipal water and sewage treatment process:

Clarification Flotation Filtration
Thickening Dewatering Coagulation

SNF/Polydyne is the only polymer supplier that produces high molecular weight flocculants in all package forms: Emulsion, Solution (aka Mannich) and Powder. We are one of only three, and the largest, domestic producers of the organic coagulant, poly-Dadmac.

SNF/Polydyne also supplies other
ClariFloc® products designed to solve a multitude of other municipal water treatments challenges including:

Struvite Scale Control (FloSperse)
Odor Control (OdorFlo MPOX)
Defoamers (FloFoam)

Application Support

SNF/Polydyne has the largest and most experienced team of field service personnel who are located across the United States to support our products, provide customer training, assist in problem-solving, and to offer technical assistance.

SNF/Polydyne can also supply state-of-the-art chemical make-down and feed equipment. Our
FloQuip® feed systems can be supplied with standard or custom-built units that optimize preparation and feed of Powder, Emulsion, or Solution products. Each system is completely designed, engineered, and fabricated in-house, and incorporates our unique expertise as a world leading polymer manufacturer.

Manufacturing Capabilities

SNF/Polydyne clients benefit from access to our industry-leading manufacturing capabilities.
We manufacture ClariFloc® products in multiple, state-of-the art production plants across the United States at six strategic locations. Each of these producing locations also serves a warehousing role for existing customers.
We are vertically-integrated in the production of most critical raw materials. We are one of only two, and the worlds largest, producer of the cationic monomers - ADAM, MADAM, and DADMAC. With our advanced bio-catalyst process plants, we are a global leader in the manufacture of acrylamide (ACAM) monomer. We have also acquired the acrylonitrile production from which acrylamide is produced.

No other polymer supplier can match our ability to:

provide a product line broad enough to meet every application, and
remain the industry's lowest-cost producer

Customer Service

Your SNF/Polydyne technical service specialist is also your interface with our Client-Care™ Service staff. These experienced professionals are exclusively dedicated to assuring that you always have the right product...with the right quality... in the right quantity...at the right price...in the right place...at the right time...the first time, every time. Just call…

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Company Overview

Product Line

Application Support

Manufacturing Capabilities

Customer Service

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